Though some may disagree with the methods of the divine, those born under Teyvat's sky look to the heavens in search of the constellations which guide them on their journey through the night. The collections of stars hint at the fate of those below, but only time will tell how much significance their light truly holds.

Teyvat Sky is a Genshin Impact constellation-themed charity artbook. It will feature the playable characters of Genshin as well as their corresponding constellations.Each artist will be assigned a character based on listed preferences and create an art piece based on the character's constellation name. For example, since Albedo's constellation is called Princeps Cretaceus or "Chalk Prince", the artist would aim to incorporate this theme.The artbook will be gen, SFW, and canon-compliant. The zine will not feature excessive gore, however minor blood or injuries may be depicted.We are currently planning to include art, merch, horoscopes, and other astrology-themed pieces. We are looking for a variety of content outside of just art pieces and merch, so we encourage creativity in your applications!Zine Specs:
> Nonprofit
> Physical and digital artbook
> Full color
> A4 size (210mm x 297mm)
> Artist Count: 34
> Merch Artist Count: 7

Mod Team

Teddy - Head Mod (She/Her, 24)

If they have an anemo or a geo vision, they’re probably one of her favorite characters. She has moderated several projects such as the SunaOsa Valentine’s Exchange, the Haikyuu WLW Bang, and the Avatar Baang. She is also currently the head mod for Ace of Hearts: An Ojiro Aran Fanzine and the Xiaoven Exchange.

Fei - Design (She/Her, 25)

Her favourite character is hands down that dude in liyue standing on a rock because he's scared of dogs....because honestly, same. NPC rights. She is currently the graphics mod for Ace of Hearts: An Ojiro Aran Fanzine and the Xiaoven Exchange. Genshin lore is her favourite thing about the game (besides the pretty clouds...) and she's super excited to dive into the character constellations!!

Jane - Organization (She/Her, 24)

In theory, she’s a pyro vision stan, but in practice, she likes anemo visions and plays with electro elemental resonance, because Beidou is the coolest and she likes Fischl’s aesthetic. She is currently the writer mod for Ace of Hearts: An Ojiro Aran Fanzine and has several years of experience in event organisation, particularly through managing social events and coordinating teams.

Kit - Communications (She/Her, 20)

At one point, her whole team was made of pyro characters, and she'll continue to claim it as her favourite vision until the end of time. What she lacks in game skills she makes up for in enthusiasm about the characters and world lore. She has previously modded the Kuroken Christmas Exchange, and is currently a mod for the Xiaoven Exchange, the Kuroken Big Bang and the Ace of Hearts zine!

En - Shipping (She/They, 20)

She's a Zhongli main so she doesn't know how to dodge ;;; and she used to whack trees to make sunsettias and apples fall so she's glad she can get wood out of them now anshajshsjs. She has been a merch and page artist in 5 zines ! Currently merch and shipping mod for KNB: Shoot your Shot Zine + shipping/finance/production mod for Bushido no Hana Haikyuu zine.

Viv - Graphics Intern (He/She/They, 20)

A firm believer in Electro and Pyro Supremacy and lover of all things red. They're currently an artist in 6 in-production zines with 30 under their belt, having done previous graphic design for Limerence, a Kacchako zine. Once upon a time she also modded the Klance Klance Big Bang Server.